Toxic people have one problem for every solution

That’s a somewhat famous quote by an anonymous author, once attributed to Albert Einstein. And quite often, toxic people have more than one problems for every solution.

Constructive people are also looking for problems, but in a positive way. They think proactively, and are looking for possible issues, in order to come up with a solution, or at least to come up with ideas towards a solution. Constructive people have – or try to come up with – a solution for every problem.

Toxic people in the other hand are not looking for solutions. In their negativity, you could say that they are happy with unresolved issues. Even when they offer some kind of a solution, this would be to start from scratch, not to fix what is broken – only to be happy to discover new problems.

‘I told you so’ is their favourite phrase, when you try to follow a solution that eventually doesn’t work. They are happy to see other people failing, just to prove themselves right.

Stay away from toxic people. They know no better than their misery.

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