ScreenTag for everyone – v. 4.0 is coming this March

After years of development, we are finally moving to what many of you have been waiting for: native apps for Android and iOS. This doesn’t mean, though, that our usability is going to change. Apps will only make things easier to use ScreenTag on your smartphone; however, usability on e-mail signatures and social media sharing won’t change.

What’s going to be new on v. 4.0?

While the main change will be the introduction of our apps, we will be making some changes on the features ScreenTag will be offering:

Enhanced security and privacy: Our platform wil now span across three separate servers, each performing a distinctive function. This means that noone will be able to get your contact details, unless you choose to do so. In addition, devices trying to access user profiles at random will be permanently banned from accessing our app servers.

LinkedIn Autofill: If you have selected to have your recipients sharing their contact details on your e-mail marketing list or your CRM, until now the only option for them was to type their contact details manually. To make things easier for your recipients, we implemented the LinkedIn Autofill feature, where your recipient will simply have to tap a button to have his contact details retrieved from his/her LinkedIn profile and entered in the form fields automatically.

Sharing through e-mail, at a tap of a button: Up until now, you could only share your ScreenTag on your smartphone trhough QR code and text message. Starting on v. 4.0, you will be able to share your ScreenTag through e-mail as well, at a tap of a button.

Native apps work off-line: Until v. 3.7, you had your smartphone to be connected to the internet in order to use our web app. With the new native apps, all files associated with your ScreenTag are stored in your phone storage, so you don’t have to be on-line to use your ScreenTag.

Ban of outdated browsers: Recipients using outdated and unsecure browsers, such as the notorious outdated Android browser, were causing ScreenTag to malfunction on their side. With v. 4.0, recipients trying to use such an outdated browser to access a ScreenTag, are advised to use a modern, fully functional, and secure browser.

These are just a few of the numerous new features and improvements we will be introducing in v. 4.0. But we don’t stop there. Our newest version calls for improvements in our website as well.

New website

Taking ScreenTag a step further, means that quite a few things will be changed on our website too.

We are currently redesigning our website to get a modern, fully mobile compatible look with fewer navigation options. All the information a visitor would need will be now easily available. This is followed by reducing our editions from six to just three: one for personal use, one for use by solo professionals, and one for use by teams or companies.

Enhanced communication with our website visitors will be one of the major features we will be introducing in our new website. Contacting our team will be readily available at a tap of a floating button, without having to navigate to a ‘Contact us’ page. And since the communication button will be directly connected to our CRM, your options to contact us will be more: phone, Facebook Messenger, e-mail, Skype, or our web chat facility.

We are so excited with our upcoming v. 4.0 that we could write hundreds of words to present you the all-new ScreenTag. We literally can’t wait to show it to you. We can only say one thing for now: You’ll love it!

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