Blind cold e-mail messages won’t get you anywhere

We get quite some spam e-mail messages every day. Chances are you get spam too. Here is an example we received yesterday:

Hello dear

I am Ruby wong of Shenzhen Dirise Electric Technology Co., Ltd,
Are you importing Frequency converter from China?

I have researched your website and know that your products can be used with Frequency converter. We can provide this kind of products and our Frequency converter very popular in your local area.

Our Frequency converter have stable performance and Efficient power generation,All products have passed CE criterion of E.U in order to guarantee the safety of operators and equipment.Feel free to contact us

Looking forward to your reply!
Best regards,
Ruby Wong
Sales Director II Sales & Marketing Center
Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: [Phone number in China]


For starters, we don’t even know what a frequency converter is – even if we do, that’s not under that name.

Furthermore, if Mr. Wong had only visited our website – and it’s obvious he didn’t, despite his false claim – he would know that our digital business card solution is not even remotely relevant to frequency converters (whatever a frequency converter is), let alone be used with a frequency converter device.

We really do not get how a frequency converter – especially one manufactured by Shenzhen Dirise Electric Technology Co. Ltd. – can be a popular device specifically in our area, but if it really was, Mr. Wong (or whatever his real name is) wouldn’t be sending blind cold e-mail messages, to people who don’t even know what the product he is trying to sell really is.

But let us suppose we are curious to know what a frequency converter is, or we do know what it is and how it is used. Why on earth should we respond to someone whose e-mail address is tongfujiao[number], rather than (or anything similar)?

If Dirise – or your small startup – had actually hired some external sales or marketing agent, to send out cold e-mail messages, they should make sure that

  • Messages are sent to relevant recipients; do some research
  • Messages sent are relevant to your recipients
  • Sending or at least reply-to e-mail address is one related to your website, not a random GMail,, Yahoo etc. e-mail address
  • Include full contact details of the sender, or a link to their ScreenTag business card

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