Once a spammer, forever a spammer!

You would think that with GDPR coming in force this May, many businesses that ‘had to’ use spamming methods to grow their mailing lists, would catch the opportunity to set their lists straight, get consent from those recipients who wish to keep receiving their promotional messages and clean up the rest. Right? Wrong!

Even those who claim to be offering GDPR compliant solutions, like Lead Forensics (a self-proclaimed ‘legitimate’ spyware SaaS), continue to spam businesses like there is no tomorrow.

Oh, yes! They did send a compliance message asking for consent, but that was simply smokescreen. After just 4 weeks without sending promotional messages both to those who did offer their consent and to those who didn’t, they started sending again promotional messages. And this time they didn’t stop there! They moved on to share their recipients’ contact details with an unrelated third party called ‘the Accelerate Business Team’, that started sending promotional messages too!

At ScreenTag, we chose to follow a different path. A path that is not easy, but it shows respect to everyone’s privacy. If you have not received a compliance message from us, it is because you have never contacted us, and you are not one of our users. And unlike other digital business card solutions, we keep our platform clean from tracking beams – even legitimate ones, like Google Analytics or Facebook Beam. If our users don’t tell their recipients about our platform, their recipients will never hear from us. Ever!

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