‘Why only my name and position are visible in my code image and app?’

This is a question we are getting quite often. For some people, it’s next to impossible to get out of their mind the printed business cards format. So, let’s see why you don’t get your full contact details on your lockscreen/homescreen code image and app.

First off, imagine if you actually had all this contact info on your lockscreen. What would you do with it? It’s impossible for your recipient to type all your information displayed on your lockscreen before your phone goes to hibernate again (about 30 seconds). Not to mention that the available space to have this information displayed – especially on the lockscreen – is more limited than the space available in a printed business card. Even with your printed business cards, you don’t hand them out to your recipient and then wait until they write down all your contact details and give it back to you. Why would you expect such a behaviour with a digital business card?

And then, all your contact details are stored on our servers and retrieved by your recipients when they scan the code or type the link in their browser (hence the instruction line in your ScreenTag code image), so they can store them in their contacts, rather than have them typing everything. This is why it would be both useless and pointless – not to mention that it would be a total waste of space – to have your contact details displayed on your ScreeenTag code image. And we don’t do that.

If you think that your digital business card would be your printed business cards image stored on your phone, you have got ScreenTag and digital business cards in general, very wrong.


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