The smart way to save hundreds of dollars in social media ad spending

If you advertise in social media platforms – especially on Facebook, but the same is true for both Twitter and LinkedIn – you may have noticed that rates both per CPM or per action are substantially higher when you are not simply driving traffic to your website or social media properties. Any user interaction beyond that can easily cost 15 or even 20 dollars – depending on your target audience and market.

All that money, just to get an e-mail address – it’s insane! Who can afford to pay a small fortune, just to get even as little as a hundred e-mail addresses? How many startups can afford to pay $20,000 to get contact details for a thousand prospects?

Enough is enough Facebook (and Twitter, and LinkedIn)!

Rather than paying thousands of dollars to get those contact details – with chances to be having your prospects unable to recall who you are when you eventually call them, you can use your ScreenTag link in a secondary call to action button or link in a brand awareness or traffic campaign at a fraction of the cost a lead campaign would require your business to spend – up to 90% less.

Recently, a dance studio utilised their ScreenTag with e-mail integration in a Facebook campaign. Within just a few days, they ‘handed-out’ 300 ScreenTags and gathered 280 prospects – out of 4,385 seeing their brand awareness campaign – for just £5.45 (about $7). The cost was just 2 pennies per e-mail! The same campaign setup to deliver leads would cost the studio owner over £300.

There is no printed business card that can do anything remote to that. And no printed business card can save you £295 (that’s over $350) in just a few days.


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