Version update 3.6 – A huge leap forward

After months of preparations and testing, we are proud to announce the release of our version update 3.6. This is a major update, taking ScreenTag to the next level of interactivity; from a passive contact sharing tool to an active one.

New features

  • Recipient contact details: Now, your recipient can share his/her contact details with you, before downloading yours. However, since one size doesn’t fit all, we decided to keep this feature optional. By default, contact details of your recipients are delivered as an e-mail message to you so you can add them as a contact in your e-mail client.
  • E-Mail service (EMS) integration: An advanced feature of the recipient contact details, is the option to have your recipients added to the e-mail service you use (e.g. Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.), rather than your e-mail client. From there, you can further integrate your EMS database to your CRM system, to add all your recipients of your digital business card as leads. ScreenTag Business edition offers, in addition, the option to enable or disable this feature per user, and an option for a separate contact list per user or department.


  • Open to PC and tablet recipients: Until v. 3.5, a recipient attempting to receive your contact details on a desktop or laptop PC or a tablet, would get a warning that your contact details could only be received on a smartphone. Now, this barrier is lift, and a recipient can add you in his main address book as a contact, using any device.
  • Full e-mail signatures included in deliverables: Now deliverables include a full e-mail signature, rather than just the link to your ScreenTag recipeint page. Although it’s quite easy to have this signature installed, an option to have your e-mail signature installed by us is now also available.

Our new version 3.6 is now available to all new subscribers (excluding those buying our Basic edition). Current subscribers may request to get the v. 3.6 upgrade for free by contacting our customer service department by e-mail at or by sending a message to our LinkedIn account.


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