Version 3.5 is underway – See what’s new

A version update is coming up next week with several new features and improvements to existing ones. Here is what’s coming up in our 3.5 version update:


New features:

– Applets (for Android and iOS): By popular request, we will be implementing applets (personalised apps, that shall not be available through official or other app stores). This feature shall be included in all new subscription deliverables and upon request to existing subscribers for free.

– Subscription payments by phone (in select markets): Not everyone feels comfortable providing credit card or PayPal details to any third party. To make it easier for customers with security concerns, we have partnered with Fortumo to offer our users the option to pay by charging their phone bill or pre-paid balance.

– ScreenTag + Office365: Better together (in partnership with Microsoft): Starting on v. 3.5, current and new ScreenTag users may associate any new or existing Office365 ProPlus, Enterprise or Business subscription with their ScreenTag, and pay only for setup of their chosen ScreenTag edition. Annual subscription fees for their ScreenTag shall be paid by Microsoft, for as long as the user retains his/her Office365 subscription association with ScreenTag.



– Deliveries through mobile messages: We have consistently getting delivery issues (notifications caught as spam or not delivered at all) with providing ScreenTags to our users through the messaging APIs both on Google and Microsoft cloud drives. To eliminate such issues, we are moving all delivery messages to Twilio, our mobile messaging partner.

– Installation guides: Although most people know how to download an image from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, we are putting together step-by-step instructions about how a new user may download and install both his/her code image and his/her personal app.

– Direct To save you from texting your link to a recipient without a QR code reading app, there is a visible URL in your code image, that they can type in their browser address bar. You may still use the template text message we send you during setup to share your contact info with remote recipients.


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