Texting your ScreenTag link the right way

Our users have been enjoying the convenience offered by having the option to text their ScreenTag link to their recipients – especially those who don’t know how to scan a QR code – to get their contact details.

However, most people get it wrong when it comes to the intro part of their text message. Here are the most common mistakes we have seen:

No name (or business name): The most common mistake is not including in the intro part their name or the business name associated with their contact details. While this may not be a huge mistake when you text your ScreenTag link during a live meeting, it is disastrous when you text it to recipients not present. This is because when your text message is received, the sender looks to the recipient as an unknown phone number. Would you trust tapping a link contained in a text message sent by a total stranger? Of course, you would not! And the same goes for your recipients.

Ultra long text message: Text messages on cell phones are meant to be short (hence the initials SMS, which stands for ‘Short Message Service). If you select to include in the intro part of your message a long story, or description, two things happen; a) you can quickly end up with a chained message – two or more messages connected one to another – and b) you risk your message to be perceived as a promo and get deleted by the recipient, a very typical situation with printed business cards – they end up in the trash bin, without contact details displayed ever been read by the recipient. Keeping your message short (up to 160 characters) and to the point is the best way to go.

Sound like a hard selling ad: One thing senders tend to forget is that the purpose of the text message is to get the recipient tapping the ScreenTag link, to get their contact details and then adding them as a contact in their address books. Not to sell anything. An aggressive tone in the intro part of your message, leads in most cases only to one action: Delete.

Avoiding those common mistakes shall definitely put your ScreenTag – and your contact details – in better and more rewarding use.


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