Mandatory form fields are there for a good reason

When was the last time you loved filling in a long form with a multitude of fields and quite a lot of them being mandatory? We’d bet on never; we know that people hate filling forms. Especially when personal information is requested. However, sometimes making a form field mandatory means that the form designer actually needs that specific data to be submitted.

We took this need for filling short forms very seriously when we started designing forms for ScreenTag. We tried to keep data required by our users to the absolute minimum. But data marked as required, means that not having this information would reduce ScreenTag’s functionality. E.g., not submitting your cellphone number, means we will not be able to send you the template message used for texting your intended ScreenTag recipients (Basic edition users do not receive template texting messages, though). This leaves you only with the QR screen code option. A message following the submission of your data to informing us that you wish your cell phone number to be excluded from the contact info received by your recipients, would be equally effective – especially if you use several different cell phone numbers – and would let us deliver your fully functional ScreenTag.

Often, mandatory data are required by current legislation. For instance, we are required for tax purposes to keep non-conflicting data of your location in order to be able to prove that we are not required to charge you with VAT. Thus, even if collecting your address might be useless for the service itself, current legislation forces us to ask for your local address.

We all hate filing long forms. But bear in mind that since we really need the piece of information required by making a form field mandatory, chances are we will be contacting you with the request to provide us the information you missed. This simply means more time wasted and delivery of your ScreenTag delayed – or even worse cancelled.

You don’t want that and we don’t want that. So, bear in mind that when a field is marked to be of mandatory information, is not something came out from our wicked brains – well, some government beurreucrats might actually have wicked brains asking for useless information collected, but that’s another story. It’s a piece of information needed for ScreenTag to work, or a piece of information required by law and failing to submit this piece of information, simply means more of your time wasted.


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