Our version 3.0 is now live!

It was about 3 years ago when our first private beta version (v. 0.1) went live and since then we have been looking for ways to improve usability and effectiveness of our service. We believe that this new version (v. 3.0) is the most complete, easiest to use and most versatile one.

Before anything, this new version is designed to make ScreenTag to be easily always available on a user’s phone, by replacing the lockscreen or homescreen background image of his/her smartphone, with little effort – since most users know how to replace their lockscreen or homescreen background image. No apps to download and no usernames or passwords to remember, since code images are distributed through file sharing services offered by Apple, Google and Microsoft; the companies distributing the most popular mobile operating systems.

Our research for v. 3.0 features discovered that even if ScreenTag users know how to make good use of technology, their recipients may know more or less than themselves. So we needed to provide fallback solutions that would be both less and more advanced than our standard code image method. The easiest method for the less tech savvy recipients is plain text messaging, a solution used for quite some time now. The more advanced method for more tech savvy users – although still available only to middle-upper featured smartphones – is NFC Tags, a solution we had researched while developing v. 2.0 but we decided back then that its time had not come yet.

Besides those two major new features, there are quite some minor ones; ScreenTag now supports all left-to-right languages (rather than just English), ScreenTag image codes offer improved scannability with fewer lines of readable code, automatic contact details updates to recipents whenever contact details are updated (provided that their contacts app supports this feature) and many more that would make this post rather long for the readers to keep up with. To make the long story short, 80% of the service is re-developed from scratch.

What is also new to ScreenTag is the introduction of a subscription-free ad-supported edition; ScreenTag Basic. This edition is offering fewer features than the standard ones and is suitable for users who wish to give ScreenTag a try before they commit to a paid subscription plan, or users with very basic contact details sharing needs; those wishing to share only their name, their cell and their e-mail address.

To have our current and potential users comfortable with the new features introduced in v. 3.0, we decided to have it launched in stages. Thus, today marks the first stage of launching our v. 3.0 by making available only the subscription-free Basic edition. As we will be proceeding with the next stages, users will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to editions carrying more advanced features by becoming paid subscribers – which means that until all editions are launched (that’s roughly by the end of the year), ScreenTag Basic edition users that choose to upgrade will have their upgrade fees waived, except from their annual subscription.

We believe that our new v. 3.0 will get you as excited, as we are! Give ScreenTag a try, here!


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