No QR code reading app? No problem!

One of the most frequent arguments we have been receiving since we started developing ScreenTag was ‘What happens if the recipient does not have – or cannot or denies to get (due to privacy concerns) – a QR code reading app’.

We have tried quite some solutions to resolve the issue – including NFC broadcasting – but testing them in actual use, showed that offering a solution that adds complexity on the recipent side simply doesn’t work. Our research showed that people prefer simple low-tech solutions over complex hi-tech ones. This is how we ended up with SMS ScreenTag Sharing, a feature that will be included in our upcoming v. 3.0.

With SMS ScreenTag Sharing users will be receiving not only their ScreenTag Lockscreen/Homescreen Image, but also a text from us with a message template that will be including their ScreenTag link. This message can be easily forwarded to the recipent making it possible even for the low-tech people able to receive the contact details of ScreenTag users.

For hi-tech guys though, with NFC becoming a feature for many smartphone devices, we will be offering that option as well upon request, through our support section as a paid upgrade.


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