Our favourite universal QR code reading apps

Having a ScreenTag to share your contact details is only half the story, since your recipients need to have or get a QR core reading app in order to be able to download your contact info.

Although many people already have such apps, not all QR code reading (or scanning) apps are created equal. It’s not that bad apps do not actually read QR codes; they all do. However, some apps are loaded with ads and links to the publishers, or others offer only limited functionality, requiring content to be displayed within the app itself.

Having tested numerous such apps, we would like to share our list of favourites. Apps suggested not offer full functionality but also let the user interact with minimal confusion.

For Android & iPhone

Definately we would suggest UpCode (www.upcode.fi/mobile). It’s lightweight, quite accurate and drives the user straight to the default OS browser. The user opens the app and then taps on ‘Scan’ button. Once the QR code is recognised the app opens it in the OS default browser.

For Windows Phone

Actually, Microsoft had developed its own code type along with a QR code reading app. The app developed is part of the Windows operating system since Windows 8. If the user doesn’t have Cortana activated, the QR code reading app can be accessed by tapping on the search button beside the start button and then on the vision button represented by an eye into a circle again at the bottom of the screen .

Search button >Vision icon

With Cortana activated, the user can access visual search by tapping on the Windows Camera app (or dedicated camera button on your phone), then tap the lens button at the top left corner and select Bing Vision.

Camera button> Lens icon > Bing Vision Lens icon

In both ways, once the QR code is recognised, Bing vision opens it in IE.


Any favourites you can suggest? Let us know in the comments below.


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