An open letter to wannabe copycats of ScreenTag

Dear guys (and gals),

We are flattered you see value in our application – you wouldn’t be trying to copy a worthless app, right? – just like our customers and partners have already seen. And although we are flattered, we won’t allow you to copy the backend of our app. That’s why we have chosen the more expensive and slow process of handling each order manually by real – and well-trained – customer service representatives, rather than having orders processed automatically (and unscreened).

In the other hand, copying the front end and part of our backend, won’t get you the full functionality of all processes involved scattered on three different cloud servers. Although, we designed our security features for having our customers confident that their contact details will only be available to those they choose to share them, those security features serve as a security for our application as well. Moreover, even if you could copy all our backend processes, you wouldn’t be able to copy the structure of our servers for our next version (we are already working on version 3.0 for your information), or the features of the upcoming editions of our application. And above all, you wouldn’t be able to copy our designers’ future work, since this is something that hasn’t happened yet.

But we are not doing this to protect our investment (although it already counts at above $10,000), or our app and website development effort (more than 1,200 work hours). We are doing this to protect your potential future customers from getting an inferior application with their contact details exposed to any highschool hacker – we know you will spend as little as possible in order to maximise your profit and security of contact information is the first to go – and at the bottom line we are doing this to protect you from facing legal action by your potential future customers. You see, we have chosen the hard – and more expensive – way because we are here for the long-term, not to make some quick money and then dissapear.

So, why bother copying the current version of an application, since this version will be outdated within a few months time? To make a few hundred dollars, euros or pounds sterling? You could make as much (or much more, if you count in the upfront partner benefits we have put together), by becoming our local distribution partner in your country, like our local partner in Cyprus. Just drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Wouldn’t that be better for everyone?


The ScreenTag development team

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