ScreenTag gets new price tags: end of the introductory pricing period

Our new version rollout announced last week, brings changes to the pricing policy we’ve been following until now. The reasoning behind our current policy was to have a simplified pricing structure (one price per edition), that was the average price of 4 design work variations used (adaptation, from logo, from concept and from scratch). This was causing SceenTag to be expensive for those having print-ready artwork files, since they were paying for the discount that those getting design work done from scratch. Moreover, paying customers were also carrying part of the cost for trial users.

Our new pricing structure breaks down our pricing policy in a fair way for all paying customers, since our pricing now is tied on the actual design work carried out, rather than the median price of all design work variations followed. The new pricing also marks the end of our introductory pricing period.

The Personal edition for images selected from our design gallery will be priced at $9.95 with the added feature of a personal image that you may now sumbit priced at $12.95.

The Academic edition will be getting a price tag of $4.95 per year that will be covering only our server cost based on the light use by students shown in our metrics. The same price tag will be valid for our new ScreenTag basic edition, which will replace all free trial editions. This edition will be carrying our logo rather than your own personal image. The new Basic edition will be upgradable into a full personal edition at any time for $5.00 and all personal editions (Personal, Academic and Basic) will be carrying a reduced annual subscription fee of $4.95 (included in the set-up fee paid upon registration).

The Professional edition will now start at $14.95 when a print-ready artwork file of a printed business card is submitted. In case a logo is only submitted to design your ScreenTag the price will be at $29.95 and for professionals that don’t have a logo but wish to use a professional image for their ScreenTags based on a concept submitted by them, the price will be at $49.95. All those three design work variations are lower or equal to our introductory pricing. The only design work variation that will be higher than our introductory pricing will be when the briefing process is selected, where our designers will be designing a ScreenTag from scratch. This process will be priced at $69.95. As always, the initial registration fee includes the annual subscription fee of $5.95.

Similarly, the Business edition will now start at $29.95 for print-ready artwork files or corporate identity branding manual submitted. Design from logo will cost $59.95 for 2 design concepts, with each additional concept priced at $30.00 (paid separately). Typesetting fee for each additional user in a company will cost $10.00, including the annual subscription fee of $5.95 for the first year. The new Associate edition, which will be a variation of the Business edition for employees or executives of companies that do not have an active ScreenTag, will be priced at $14.95 if a print-ready artwork file is submitted by them and $24.95 if our design managers will be required to obtain those files by their company marketing department.

The new pricing structure will be effective next Monday, September 9, along with our new streamlined ordering process which will be presented in the coming days.