Version 2.0 rolls out next week

It’s finally here! We are thrilled to announce that ScreenTag moves on to v. 2.0 with many improvements and added features both on the user and the recipient side. Here are the most important changes we made from previous version:

• Enhanced security of your contact details: Now contact information files are stored on a separate cloud server, completely isolated from visual files, making sure that your contact details will be available only to your recipients and noone else.

• New visual style on the recipent’s side: Now your recipient sees only the type of information available in your ScreenTag , not the contact details themselves. With the previous format, some recipients believed that the contact details were added into their address books since they were displayed into their reader screens. The new style eliminates this confusion and it communicates better your business or personal visual style.

• Enhanced activation process: With the previous version, the users needed to wait for several hours until their ScreenTag was ready for use. With the enhanced activation process, the application is fully functional from the moment it’s downloaded and installed on the user’s device. Moreover, notification that the application is downloaded and installed on the user’s device is now done by just tapping on the verification screen, instead of having the user send an e-mail to notify our team for activation.

• Added support for Western European, Cyrillic and Greek character sets on the contact details files: Our previous version could only support the standard Latin character set, causing a barrier for users that wanted to have their contact details be transmitted in their native language. The added support of the three additional character sets eliminates that barrier.

• Added support for dual ScreenTags: The new version adds the ability of having not just one, but two ScreenTags on the same application window (e.g. a personal and a professional ScreenTag or one ScreenTag in your native language and one in English).

The new version will start rolling out next week to all our current users. Users with version 1.1 or 1.2 installed on their devices need to take no action, since the upgrade to the new version will be done on our servers. Users with version 1.0 installed on their devices will be notified to upgrade to the new version by e-mail messages to the address we have on file. We expect the upgrade to be completed by the end of September. Version 1.0 will remain functional until October 4th.


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