New kid on the block: ScreenTag Academic

College and University students now have their own ScreenTag edition; it is called ScreenTag Academic and it is a unique combination of the Personal and the Business edition, where the “business” is your College or University.

As with the Business edition, Academic edition utilises your college or university brand image – which means that there is no need to provide us any design elements or make any design decisions during your ordering process. And since students do not have an office, we eliminated all office information in the contact details you share with your friends, or potential employers. And less contact details mean shorter and easier to fill-in ordering form.

Being College or University students ourselves, either in the present or in the past, we know first hand that getting some business cards is something that most students cannot afford. That’s how we decided that the one and only thing missing from the Academic edition compared to all other ScreenTag editions, would be the price tag. This means that your student business cards will not cost you a penny (or a cent – whatever).

Now, there is no reason for not having your student business cards. You have ScreenTag Academic!

Update September 6, 2013: Effective today, ScreenTag Academic has a price tag of $4.95 per year.


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