Implementing ScreenTag for your Company

While ScreenTag is designed to be easily set up by anyone, your people may not be very eager on changing their way of passing their contact info from paper-based to smartphone-based. That’s especially true with companies active in low-tech market sectors, like construction, vehicle repairs etc.

To our experience, the best path to implement ScreenTag for your business, is to start with a small group of people in the company – at least one per department. These people is better to be tech enthousiasts or people who embrace new technologies (e.g. somebody who just got an iPhone5 is presumably embracing technology more easily compared to somebody who is stuck with an early iPhone3 for 4 years – especially when most mobile operators are literally giving away advanced technology smartphones with each contract renewal).

When this small group of people is started actually using their ScreenTags and the less tech enthousiast colleagues experience how simple, easy and practical is to use a ScreenTag rather than a paper-based business card, chances are they will ask you to get one for them too.

This way is the best way to ensure that your people will be providing the best return for your investment, while at the same time reducing your upfront cost, compared to implementing ScreenTags at once for everyone in the company.

Don’t forget that there always be people, that despite they own a smartphone, they actually use it the way they used to use their old feature cell phone (writing SMSs, making calls and playing games). This kind of people most probably will stick with their paper business cards forever. And that, is something nobody can change.


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