ScreenTag is about branding

Contact info exchange is nothing new on mobile devices. In fact, there are many methods to do that; from text messaging to infrared direct link communication, to name the earliest ones. So, when we started building ScreenTag, we were not trying to re-invent the wheel. In the contrary, we took that “wheel” and moved it closer into what information exchange through that “wheel” is missing; professional brand image communication.

We are, first and foremost, designers. And as such, we know a lot about brand image building and branding in general. And that is what ScreenTag is all about; communicating your brand image when passing along your contact info to your lead, through the most technologically advanced way available today: QR codes.

Printed business cards are used for decades – in fact, more than two centuries – as the most basic way, not only to carry our contact information, but also to communicate our brand image to recepients. In exaggeration, sometimes printed business cards are even used as pocket size flyers. But that was not happening since the beginning of the printed business cards.

The oldest form of a business card was used only as way for a visitor to announce his name to the host. At a later time, the occupation was added. Then, as people were leaving their used business cards to the hosts, the address line was added, to remind them where the host could find them in order to exchange visits, and so on. At some point in late 1800s, the first printed business cards carrying a brand image showed up.

In an analogy, ScreenTag is the first step from plain text contact info exchange, to brand image communicating contact info exchange for the 21st century.


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